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Give your special day the ‘wow’ factor with our beautiful birds of prey!

Birds of Prey Wedding Packages

Have your rings delivered by one of our birds of prey to give your ceremony that extra ‘wow’ factor that you and your guests will remember forever.

Our birds are specially trained to deliver your rings by flying up the aisle over the heads of your unsuspecting guests, carrying a pouch to be delivered to the Best Man who will be wearing a special white falconers’ glove.

We have a range of packages to suit your occasion and budget as detailed below and can also tailor our packages to your specific requirements.

Ring Delivery £350

Gold Package £550

Platinum Package £750

Please note: Some Registrars’ offices such as Surrey, may not allow animals or birds to feature during the ceremony itself. However, the rings can be delivered to your Best Man before your registrar enters ahead of the ceremony to entertain your guests ahead of the arrival of the bride.
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