Falconry School Visits

Our falconry school visits are suitable for all age groups and abilities.

Birds of Prey for Education

Kids love seeing and handling the birds and hearing lots of fun facts about the different types of hawks, owls and falcons. They’ll hear about and see, the fastest living creature on the planet, the Peregrine Falcon, and learn how they can breathe normally whilst travelling at 230 mph!

They’ll be able to hold one of the smallest of the British birds of prey, the Kestrel, and learn about how they hunt with their ability to see in ultra-violet, and meet Betty, our Bengal Eagle Owl and find out about her amazing eyesight and night vision.

Here’s what a class teacher said following a recent visit to her class of special needs children:

Amazing visit to our school... Andy was informative and kept our students (and staff) mesmerised. Lots of bucket list holding the birds fulfilled and a lot of 'When are they coming back?'. Even the dive bombing gulls didn't phase Dolly... but Betty has stolen our hearts, beautiful girl that she is.... everyone's relieved Mia is back but a few were hoping she'd be in their garden when they got home. Andy a huge thank you from all of us at Noadswood School and we will certainly see you again

We can display and fly the birds outside or, in inclement weather, indoors too.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to hear more and to arrange a falconry education visit to your school.

Our standard visit is for up to 2 hours and costs just £150.

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