Falconry for Sporting Venues and Events

Our birds of prey can can scare and deter pest birds including pigeons and seagulls from sport venues and events.

Using Bird of Prey to Get Rid of Nuisance Birds

Pigeons, seagulls and other pests such as rabbits and crows can be a real problem for sporting venues and events, from cricket grounds to football stadiums, tennis courts to golf tournaments. All can suffer from nuisance birds and other wildlife, disrupting play and making a nuisance of themselves to spectators.

In large stadiums it is common for pigeons to set up home in terraces and lighting rigs, creating unsightly mess and potential slip hazards for the public, whilst aggressive behaviour of seagulls where food is present can really disrupt spectator and visitor enjoyment.

All birds are protected by law under DEFRA/Natural England legislation and may not be harmed purely for aesthetic or nuisance reasons. However, there are a number of non-lethal measures that can be taken to reduce them to insignificant levels and if necessary, lethal measures may be taken under licence conditions where public health or safety is at risk.

Cost-effective and Non-lethal Bird Control for Venues

Our birds of prey are trained to focus on the handler and provide a cost-effective non-lethal deterrent to clear gulls, pigeons and rabbits from a given area, particularly where a short-term, bird-free, window is all that is needed, such as during the opening hours of a specific event.

Larger venues, such as tiered football and rugby stadiums, can suffer soiled seating from roosting pigeons, leading to increased operating costs for clubs and the requirement for daily cleaning operations. Here, a more sustained and integrated approach is required using a number of techniques to make the site unattractive to nuisance birds.

Urban Wings is able to assess your requirements without obligation and advise you of the most cost effective course of action to reduce or eliminate those unwanted guests at your sporting venue or event.

Urban Wings

From pest bird control to family experience days, our birds are trained to perform in all environments. ​
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