Falconry for Retail Outlets & Shopping Centres

If you have a problem with pest birds at your shopping centre or retail outlet, contact Urban Wings for professional falconry for pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds.

Professional Bird Pest Control

Flat-roofed units such as found in retail outlets, offer seagulls the perfect nesting site. Once established, Seagulls return to the same nesting place year on year and each year brings increased numbers as the previous year’s young also return to their birth place to breed.

In this way, numbers can escalate year on year and become a unacceptable nuisance and public health hazard. The mess they leave is both unsightly and result in costly clean–up operations. Once the birds have eggs and young, they become increasingly aggressive to protect their brood, dive–bombing pedestrians, stealing food form the hands of passers-by and even dropping poop on your clientele! 

Once they have nested, they are almost impossible to move on and current DEFRA legislation does not allow any lethal measures to be taken, as gulls are currently not included in licensing that would allow nest removal. Prevention is therefore the only tool available.

Non-lethal Falconry for Nesting Sites

Non-lethal measures must therefore be employed to dissuade the birds from choosing your site in the first place. Gulls will usually start prospecting for their nesting spot around March each year and it is at this time that action must be taken to make your site unattractive to them. Other alternative non-lethal methods may also be required on heavily infested sites and we can advise the most cost-effective solutions to meet your specific needs.

Intensive Falconry Phase

We offer an initial intensive falconry phase to introduce predators to the site, dissuading the returning gulls from choosing a particular site and moving them on to find other areas, less hazardous to them. The early intensive is phase followed by regular visits to ensure they don’t return. With sites which have already become popular with the gulls, some will resist and on such sites, we would expect to reduce the number of nesting pairs year on year to change their behaviour.

Contact Urban Wings for Falconry at Shopping and Town Centres

For shopping malls and town centres, regular visits by our hawks can significantly reduce the presence of seagulls and pigeons to particular areas, particularly during opening hours, so reducing the mess and nuisance caused to shoppers and reducing the slip hazards to pedestrian shoppers. What’s more the hawks are a popular attraction whilst demonstrating positive action is being taken by management to tackle the problem.

Urban Wings

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