Falconry for Marinas

Use our professional bird of prey services to scare off roosting starlings and other pest birds at your marina.

Trained Hawks and Falcons for Bird Control

Roosting starlings and other birds can be a real nuisance for your clients’, requiring constant swabbing to clean off droppings. This is heightened in the late summer when birds feast on berries to fatten up for migration and then stain the decks, black and red.

Birds are protected by law and may not be harmed for purely nuisance reasons and so other non-lethal measures must be employed, such as scarers. However, most methods are limited in effectiveness as birds very quickly become accustomed to them. Our hawks and falcons on the other hand, present a very real threat which no bird can afford to ignore.

Preventing Starlings from Roosting at Your Marina

A cost effective way to keep your clients happy and demonstrate real efforts to protect their high-value assets, is to employ us to prevent starlings and other birds from roosting at night. Our hawks are able to drive away the birds shortly before dusk and clear the marina effectively. Once dark the wild birds will not return, so preventing soiling for the duration of the night. 

We are able to provide services at the frequency you decide provides the most cost effective benefit for your customers. We can discuss increased frequency and daytime prevention services too, should your marina be under siege from flocks of nuisance birds.

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falconry for marinas
andy crowle professional falconer
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Urban Wings

From pest bird control to family experience days, our birds are trained to perform in all environments. ​
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