Falconry for Hospitals, Large Industrial Sites, Factories, and Recycling Centres

If you have a problem with pest birds at your hospital, industrial site or recycling centre then contact Urban Wings. We offer effective bird control, scaring away pigeons and seagulls using our trained falcons and hawks.

Falconry to Improve Public Health and Site Safety

Large commercial sites offer ideal conditions for gulls and pigeons to live and breed. With them comes a host of problems for operations management, including public health and safety from slip hazards, respiratory problems from inhalation of dust from dried droppings and other related infestations such as bed bugs, fleas and lice.
Useful facts on why you should control pigeons at your site:

In 2019 it was reported that Pigeon droppings were a contributing factor to an infection, which led to a child's death at Scotland's flagship hospital. The child died at Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and a post-mortem found that they had inhaled fungus, which is primarily found in pigeon droppings.

Network Rail paid out nearly £28,000 in August 2019 to a commuter who slipped on pigeon poo, a compensation claim has revealed.

Pigeon Control for Large Commercial Sites

Pigeons breed all year round usually having up to 4 broods per year and 2 young at a time. The young pigeons become sexually mature by 6 months and so numbers can very quickly escalate to infest an area. By introducing natural bird of prey predators, pigeons can be denied key areas and make an area unattractive for nesting.

When used as part of an integrated and ongoing service, our hawks and falcons can reduce numbers of pigeons and gulls to insignificant levels. Falcons are ideal for covering large sites and clearing birds from a wide area very quickly. Complementing the falcons, our hawks are used in tight places such as courtyards and inside sheds to leave no hiding place.

Hawk chasing pigeon at industrial unit
Hawk chasing a pigeon at a commercial site.
hawk clearing pigeons
Hawks are highly effective at clearing pest birds.

Urban Wings

From pest bird control to family experience days, our birds are trained to perform in all environments. ​
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