Falconry for Construction & Building Site Projects

Stop delays at your construction site or building project due to pest birds taking up residence. Contact Urban Wings for professional falconry for pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds.

Keep Your Building Project On Track

For major construction projects running to tight deadlines, delays caused by pigeons and other birds taking up residence before the building is fully sealed, can be a very real and expensive problem.

In particular, pigeons find ingenious ways to enter open construction site buildings through the smallest gaps. The internal ledges, ducting, roof cavities and crevices offer ideal nesting locations to rear their young. Due to the protection all birds are afforded by the law, pigeons can and will cause significant delays to your project plans if not addressed at an early stage.

Not only this, but bird droppings (guano) can present slip hazards to your workforce as well as respiratory problems should the dry dust be inhaled, so increasing the risk of work-related injuries impacting your RIDDOR safety record. DEFRA/Natural England legislation states that non-lethal measures must always be attempted and maintained where practicable, before any lethal action can be taken and only then where there is a risk to public health and safety.

Professional Bird Control at Construction and Building Sites

We can assess your requirements and propose a cost effective integrated programme to meet your budget and requirements, whilst keeping your building project to plan. Call or complete our contact form for a bird control quote.

Urban Wings

From pest bird control to family experience days, our birds are trained to perform in all environments. ​
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