Falconry for Towns & Residential Buildings

Using our falconry service we can get rid of pest birds such as seagulls and pigeons in your town or residential building.

Bird Control for Coastal Towns, Town Centres and Residential Buildings

Pigeons and seagulls have adapted expertly to urban life! They can be found in virtually every town and city throughout the world, causing unsightly and unhealthy mess and deterioration to buildings. 

A descendent of the Rock Dove, a cliff-dwelling bird, today’s Feral Pigeons take up residence in and around buildings, finding any small crevice or ledge to set up home. They breed all year round, usually laying 2 eggs per clutch, with as many as 4 or more clutches per year. The young are sexually mature within 6-months and hence numbers can swiftly escalate if left unchecked. Because of this, pigeons are the Number 1 pest bird.

Non-lethal Falconry for Seagulls in Towns and City Centres

During breeding season, seagulls move into the area and become extremely aggressive in protecting their young. They will return year-on-year to the same spot to raise their broods. Once they have successfully chosen their nesting spot, nothing will move them and they will defend it against any intruder, including pedestrians! Seagulls are protected by law and may not be harmed, so this presents restrictions on the methods employed to prevent them taking over your area. There are a number of non-lethal methods, which can reduce or prevent this cycle, depending on the specific needs of our clients and the environment to be protected.

Deploying Hawks & Falcons Ahead of Gull and Pigeon Nesting Periods

Our hawks and falcons can be deployed just ahead of the nesting period when the gulls are still prospecting the site and this can put them off a particular area and cause them to choose a less hazardous nesting site, fee from predators. Once dissuaded from nesting in your area, the gulls will start a new annual cycle elsewhere in following years. In this way gull numbers can be reduced each year as more pairs find alternative nesting sites.

Pigeons tend to reside in an area all year round and take up permanent residence, breeding all year round. Residential buildings and town centres offer them ideal nesting and roosting ledges on windowsills, roofs and cavities. Their guano (droppings) are acidic and will deteriorate buildings over time, whilst also presenting slip hazards for pedestrians below, potentially leading to litigation from the public.

What’s more, cleaning up the unsightly mess can be a fruitless repetitive and costly task unless the pigeons themselves can be moved on.

Call Urban Wings Falconry Services

We can advise on a range of measures to protect your buildings and areas from pigeons as well as providing falconry services to reduce or prevent them choosing a particular site. Falconry can also be effective in clearing areas for a specified time, such as shop opening hours, but other measures must also be employed to keep them out around the clock.

Contact us for a free no-obligation assessment and advice on the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

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