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Andy Crowle
Andy Crowle

Why Are Pigeons So Hard to Get Rid Of?

Why are pigeons so difficult to deal with and how do I get rid of them?

Think pigeons are stupid?  Think Again! Feral pigeons are one of the most intelligent and successful species of bird. Almost anywhere in the World you will find pigeons living amongst us, in towns and cities.

People often refer to them as stupid, because they don’t always do as we’d expect, but they are far from it. This makes them very difficult to scare away.

Pigeons are thought to be one of only 6 species that can recognise their own reflection! Unlike other birds, they drink by sucking up water, using their beaks like a straw, which is much more efficient than scooping it up.Pigeons have been taught to identify all 26 letters of the alphabet and can even solve simple maths problems. What’s more, they have been found to possess the ability for abstract thought! No wonder they are so successful!

Using a Peregrine Falcon to clear pigeons on a large site.
Peregrine Falcon scaring away pigeons at a large site.

Moving pigeons on is therefore no easy task!

They can see behind and in front of them at the same time, and their flying skills are such that they can outfly most other birds. They avoid aerial predators using aerobatic tumbling techniques and reach speeds in excess of 60mph in straight and level flight. This is why Peregrine Falcons must often reach speeds in excess of 200mph to catch them out. This is why we use falcons for pest bird control services.

Pigeons can also recognise individual human faces, and soon learn to fear the falconer as well as the falcons!

Using falconry services to scare away pest pigeons

Urban Wings Falconry Services provides a number of programmes to help you deal with pest pigeons on large industrial sites and public areas.  Physical proofing measures are not always practical or cost effective in all situations. Our hawks and falcons provide an effective deterrence and over time will significantly reduce the problems caused by nuisance birds.

Contact us to hear more and to arrange a free assessment of your site.

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