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Meet the Experienced Falconry Team

We pride ourselves in providing a courteous, reliable and dependable falconry service at all times, working with our clients to provide the agreed results.

Andy Crowle

Owner, Falconer
Andy formed Urban Wings along with partner Emily in 2018. Formerly, Andy completed a 36-year corporate career in the RAF, aerospace and wind turbines. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and hails from Cornwall. Andy has had a passion for birds of prey since the age of 9.

Emily Crowle

Co-Owner, Falconer & Marketing
Emily has had a passion for birds of prey from an early age and has dreamed of working with them for a living. Emily not only provides her marketing and social media skills but also trains and flies the birds at displays and weddings.

Our Birds


Female Harris Hawk
Willow is a 10 year-old female Harris Hawk. She is a real character and is highly experienced in all types of bird pest control duties. She has worked in industrial areas such as building sites, hospital sites, marinas and recycling centres as well as private residences in towns and cities. She is also experienced in public display work and interacting with people


Male Harris Hawk
Freddie is a young male Harris Hawk. He was trained at a hospital site where his full-time job was to move-on any pigeons that fancied setting up home there. He is also experienced in entertaining guests on our ‘Walk with a Hawk’ experiences.


Female Peregrine Falcon
Mia is a Brookei Peregrine Falcon. She was born in Madrid, Spain but seems to be coping well with the English weather and learning a second language! The Peregrine Falcon is reputed to be the fastest creature on the planet, achieving speeds in excess of 200 mph in a vertical stoop when chasing their prey. As the natural predator and nemesis of the pigeon, Mia is ideal for bird pest control duties. She is also an impressive flying display bird.


Male Gyr x Lanner Falcon
Storm is a young male Gyr/Lanner Falcon. The Gyr is the largest of the falcon family and lives in Artic regions whilst the Lanner is a smaller Falcon found in South Africa and parts of the Mediterranean. Storm is a hybrid of the two and looks a very handsome boy for it! Storm is used both for displays and for pest control duties.


Male European Kestrel
Gizmo is a European, also known as a Common, Kestrel. He is Emily’s personal bird and has been trained especially for public displays and handling duties. He is also very cute! Weighing in at only 6oz he is too small for pest control but is still a feisty little guy and ideal for photo opportunities and handling by children.


Bengal Eagle Owl
Betty is a Bengal Eagle Owl. She is in training to fly rings down the aisle at weddings and provide photo opportunities and dispays for guests. She is very popular with people of all ages and always steals the show wherever she goes!


Female Harris Hawk
Luna is a young female Harris Hawk. Her main duties are bird pest control and flying to guests on our ‘Walk with a Hawk’ experience.

Urban Wings

From pest bird control to family experience days, our birds are trained to perform in all environments. ​
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